HID Mobile Access: Twist and Go

February 13, 2015 at 9:31 AM


The mobile phone has become a person’s most valued piece of technology. It is rarely misplaced and always on hand. HID Mobile Access merges security with convenience by storing secure identities on smartphones for opening doors and gates. It is convenient, easy to use and easy to manage. There is an active feedback system which includes vibration and sound when used , enhancing the user experience. Managing access control with HID Mobil Access is easy. Mobile IDs can be updated through a robust online portal. Invitations, provisions or revoking of Mobil IDs are all sent wirelessly. This does away with the need for physical encoding and printing.



In the past it was thought that near field communication (NFC) would be the way forward for smartphone access control technology. However the industry is now also moving to Bluetooth Smart because of its broad availability on both Apple and Android device platforms. Bluetooth Smart is the wireless technology that HID Mobile Access uses. Its longer reach means a mobile device doesn’t have to be close enough to be tapped to a reader in order to open a door, as with NFC technology.  This is how HID have been able to incorporate gesture technology Mobile Access solution, so that the phone can simply be rotated or “twisted” as the user walks up to a mobile-enabled reader.  This new “twist and go” gesture technology capability offers an additional layer of authentication and new ways to open doors and parking gates. 


Smartphones are also emerging as an ideal all in one platform for all systems that need secure identity authentication. The same phone that can receive digital credentials and “present” them to readers to open doors and gates will also generate tokens for accessing network or cloud- and web-based applications. In the future, users will be able to use the same phone that gets them through the door to authenticate to a VPN, wireless network, corporate intranet, cloud- and web-based applications, single-sign-on (SSO) clients and other IT resources.

Watch this video to see how mobile is changing the way we are opening doors.


Here at Waterford Security we have a demo HID Mobile Access reader. Contact us if you want to see it in action or for more information.

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