Salto Lockers

October 21, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Waterford Security is the biggest integrator of Salto Lockers in New Zealand. We have installed over 4000 Salto lockers to date.


What are they?

Salto  Lockers are an electronic locker lock solution designed to provide a high level of security protection for a wide variety of cabinets and lockers. It can be fully integrated with the building access control system or can be operated as a stand-alone system.



How do they work?

Salto lockers are lockers with wireless, battery powered, card operated locks. The user has an access card that is programed for their locker. They hold the card up to the lock, turn the handle and the locker opens.

Where the Salto Lockers are integrated with the main access control system there is a hardwired enrolment reader. For example it could be on a door that lets the user into the office space. This enrolment reader is hard wired back to the main controller. It is from this controller that cards can be programmed and by presenting the card on the enrolment reader the programming information is downloaded onto the card. At the same time any transaction data for that card is uploaded to the controller.


Where are they used?

Salto lockers are commonly used such as corporate business or gyms. In a corporate office where hot desking is used lockers are provided forSalto_lockers.jpg the employees. When Salto lockers are used, the same access cards that gets them into the office is used to access their assigned locker.


Overseas they have also been used in a variety of setting including a waterpark. Read about it here.


What are the advantages?

Unlike standard card readers, Salter lockers are wireless. There is no need to run cables from the locker reader to the main server where the controller is located. This makes them very cost effective and easy to install. One card is sufficient for all work access areas including lockers.  Installing Salto lockers in the workplace facilitates hot desking which has environmental and cost benefits

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